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Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy awarded its website re-design contract to Vantage Studio.

As part of an effort to promote an institute-wide dissemination of information, Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy (CUACC) decided to re-design its 4-year-old website. The goal is to deploy web technologies to create an information center accessible by all its students, faculty members, and all personnel.

Vantage Studio was called in to pitch for the contract. Our customized open-source solution has won the vote from the committee as it offer the best balance in terms of features & cost. The design team then came up with 3 fundamental design objectives: To create a simple, intuitive user interface; to design a content update & maintenance system that allows for easy collaboration among content providers, and to maintain the consistency of the faculty's visual identity.

For the information maintenance system, Vantage Studio teamed up with its software engineering partner, Metamedia Technology to design a custom system based on open-source CMS (Content Management System) platform. The system allowed for
Enterprise-level content management features, extensibility, and  flexibility while keeping the operating cost in check. The site is scheduled to go on-line in May 2006.

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